Form N-PORT is a reporting obligation requiring registered investment companies (RICs) to report detailed information about their funds. With rigorous data requirements, a short 30-day filing deadline, and public disclosure of reported information, Form N-PORT presents many new challenges for affected firms. Advise Technologies offers an end-to-end Form N-PORT reporting solution through the Consensus platform.

What is Form N-PORT?

Form N-PORT will require monthly reporting of portfolio holding details in a structured XML format. It replaces Form N-Q, the portfolio holdings report currently filed by RICs.

When does Form N-PORT reporting begin?

Compliance dates are based on the combined AUM of the fund family.

RIC Size Compliance Date
Larger RICs (NAV ≥ $1 billion) June 1, 2018
Smaller RICs (NAV < $1 billion) June 1, 2019

Form N-PORT information requirements to be reported within 30 days after month end:

  • general information about the fund;
  • assets and liabilities;
  • certain portfolio-level metrics, including certain risk metrics;
  • information regarding securities lending counterparties;
  • information regarding monthly returns;
  • flow information;
  • certain information regarding each investment in the portfolio;
  • miscellaneous securities (if any);
  • explanatory notes (if any); and
  • exhibits.

Form N-PORT in Consensus:

  • Validations: Check for data errors based on regulatory requirements
  • Filing Reports: Compare historical filings, manage user workflows, check internal approvals, and gather other key details
  • Management Reporting: Check filing progress via a dashboard report
  • Audit Trail: Capture each action and track user activity
  • Multi-User Environment: Collaborate with multiple concurrent users
  • Calculations: Calculate answers using industry accepted methodologies
  • Approvals: Assign users to approve answers before form submission
  • E-Filing: Electronic submission of regulatory forms to ensure timely submission

About Advise

Advise Technologies, a CSS Company, is an award-winning provider of regulatory intelligence software and services for investment managers. Founded in 2010 and led by fund professionals, Advise offers reporting solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex global regulatory environment. Over 1100 investment managers use Advise services to meet their compliance obligations.

About Consensus

Consensus is a regulatory reporting platform for 20+ filing obligations. A single dataset can be used to complete a repeatable, reliable, and automated filing process for Form PF, Form ADV, CPO-PQR, AIFMD, FATCA, and more.

Our Regulation Factory Approach

We combine regulatory knowledge, technical expertise, and a client-focused services approach to make compliance easy, fast, and efficient: Our Best Practices Team – comprised of regulatory attorneys, fund accountants, and data specialists – provides unique insights into how funds of varying sizes and structures are interpreting difficult regulatory questions. We constantly monitor the latest regulatory news and evolving industry standards. Our Technical Team leverages our Best Practices knowledge to develop best-in-class software solutions that meet the needs of today’s investment manager. Our software performs compliance calculations, allows e-filing to regulators, validates data against regulator specifications, and preserves a complete audit trail. Our Client Services Team offers comprehensive customer support, including rapid response times, extended hours during filing periods, and one-on-one virtual assistance.