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 Managing position limits and substantial shareholding disclosure thresholds is cumbersome. Regulations can change at any time, rules and processes vary by jurisdiction, and there can be penalties for noncompliance. Signal is a monitoring and reporting solution, providing alerts and filings based on transactions and holdings thresholds. Coverage includes major exchanges and 89 jurisdictions. 


Automated Alerts

Two levels of color-coded alerts: user-defined warnings and regulatory filing obligations

Filing Submission

Instructions on the filing process and automated submissions ensure a repeatable and reliable workflow

Position Tracking

Actively monitor current positions against exchange limits to ensure thresholds are not breached


Automatically aggregate holdings across portfolios, entities, and related persons in accordance with the unique rules for each jurisdiction or regulation

Access a daily feed of high quality reference data (such as shares outstanding) sourced from regulators, exchanges, and directly from issuers
Coverage in 89 jurisdictions with shared rule sets
Capture a full audit trail history with granular detail
Load data from existing trading or accounting systems
Connect with most commercial or in-house systems
Local or SaaS
Support for MiFID II and proposed CFTC limits

Signal Coverage

  • CME Group: Chicago Board of Trade, CME Group: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Group: Commodity Exchange, CME Group: New York Mercantile Exchange, EUREX, Intercontinental Exchange Futures Canada, Intercontinental Exchange Futures Europe, Intercontinental Exchange Futures US, Osaka Securities Exchange, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, BATS Options Exchange, BOX Options Exchange, C2 Options Exchange, ISE Gemini International Securities Exchange, Miami International Securities Exchange, NASDAQ OMX, NASDAQ OMX BX, NASDAQ OMX PHLX, NYSE AMEX, NYSE ArcaOptions, Chicago Board of Options Exchange
  • Signal covers regulators in 89 jurisdictions in regions including the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific

Broad Rule Coverage

Signal covers substantial shareholding, take-over panel, and short selling thresholds, as well as position limits and related disclosure levels.


Signal leverages our industry and best practices expertise to ensure our solution meets customer requirements.


Signal can be customized with user defined warning alerts and rules can be modified to fit your specifications.


Information security is a constant priority. We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality to our clients’ businesses, and we build controls into each step of our process.

Developed In-house

Signal is built, maintained, and tested by our in-house technical groups, which allows for up-to-date information and quick delivery of regulatory updates.

Customer Driven

Innovation and client service are our top priorities. Tell us your pain points - if we do not already have a solution, your question may lead us to one.

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